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    Recently, Guangdong Power Grid Corporation Foshan Sanshui Power Supply Bureau completed the automatic cruise refinement inspection of all 10 kV overhead lines of Nanshan Power Supply Station and has applied refined routes to carry out daily inspections of “double-light” drones. Nanshan Power Supply Co., Ltd. became the first power supply company of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation to take the lead in realizing the full coverage of multi-sensor automatic cruise. At the same time, it also marks that the UAV has taken a new step in the application level of the distribution network and the level of refined inspection of the equipment.

    Using the refined route to carry out "double light" drone automatic cruise

    At the beginning of this year, the Guangdong Power Grid Company's aircraft patrol center selected Foshan Sanshui Power Supply Bureau as one of the pilot units for the patrol demonstration application of the drone. The bureau adopted the strategy of “first pilot, post-standardization, re-copy, and promotion”, and first selected Nanshan Power Supply as a pilot. The power supply area of Nanshan Power Supply Station is 133 square kilometers, and there are 26 10 kilovolt lines in the power supply area. The total length of the line is 284.97 kilometers. The terrain and geology of the area are complex, the gully is vertical and horizontal, and the forest coverage rate is as high as 59%, which is a typical representative.

    "Wangshan runs dead horse" is the personal experience of the line of the staff. Seeing that the line is not far away, but going to the vicinity of the line to patrol, but to go around a large circle, take a long mountain road. Since the distance between the manual inspection and the charged equipment is long, the angle of observation is limited, and it is difficult to find a hidden defect. "Selecting the Nanshan Power Supply Station as an experimental field not only reduces the burden at the grassroots level, but also solves the "pain point" problem at the grassroots level, and improves the efficiency and quality of the inspection line," said Zhang Jianfeng, deputy director of the Sanshui Power Supply Bureau.

    If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. The importance of overall planning and preparation is self-evident. Sanshui Power Supply Bureau adopts the method of external lead inlining to quickly advance the project. Invite the experts of the Guangdong Power Grid Company's aircraft patrol center and the backbone of Foshan Power Supply Bureau's "Foshan Air Force" to give lectures and on-site guidance, and successfully upgrade the main line's drone patrol technology to the distribution network according to local conditions. At the same time, Sanshui Power Supply Bureau built a drone team based on “Chen Weimin Studio” to provide manpower guarantee for “point cloud” data collection, modeling and route planning.

    In order to make breakthroughs in the application of new technologies, we must make painstaking efforts. First of all, in the stage of collecting the "point cloud" data, the members of the research team have already suffered enough. Seemingly simple work, often unexpected problems arise. It’s no ordinary to wading in the mountains and worms. If some data is not accurate, it is common practice to repeat it several times. In the modeling and route planning stage, more difficulties are placed in front of the research team. At the crucial moment, the party branch set up a party member commando team in June to arrange for the elites to overcome difficulties and work overtime to carry out technical research. The Guangdong Power Grid Company’s aircraft patrol center arranged technical support from experts and overcame more than 100 days and nights. Difficulties and difficulties, until the completion of the channel tree barrier inspection on September 16th, finally completed the task of carrying out automatic cruise refinement inspection on the 10 kV field line on the eve of National Day. The pilot inspection effect is quite good! Then, the party members' commandos sighed. The auto-cruise mission of the drones of the entire 10 kV overhead line was completed, and the “dual-light” drone auto-cruise was carried out using the existing refined routes.

    Data collection provides support for digital transformation

    The application of the drone automatic inspection line has truly achieved the purpose of improving quality and efficiency. "Although the project is hard and tired, we have already tasted the sweetness." Nan Yao Power Supply Party member commando member Yao Yaohua introduced. During the process of verifying the automatic cruising route of the UAV, it was found that the cross arm of the No. 48 rod of the 10 kV Longgang line had cracks, which was a major defect. It is difficult to find this defect if it is patrolled by people alone. After careful organization, the porcelain cross arm with cracks was replaced by electricity to prevent equipment failures from causing trips or power outages or public safety accidents involving electricity. There are many examples like this, and only 335 defects were discovered this year and were eliminated in time. From the "person patrol" to the "machine patrol", and then to the "automatic cruise", it can be said that the third hop is achieved.

    In addition to the Nanshan Power Supply Station, other power supply stations of the Sanshui Power Supply Bureau are also actively promoting the automatic cruise operation of the drone. On the basis of the experience of Nanshan Power Supply Station, the remaining power supply stations have reached 1,246 kilometers, and the corresponding targets have been set. According to the progress of at least 100 kilometers per week, it is expected that the full three water pressure line points will be realized before the end of the year. Cloud acquisition, these data will provide support for digital transformation, play a greater role in the future of smart grid construction, and lay a solid foundation for the next year to take the automatic driving tour as the main working mode.

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