SkyTech 2016 Interviews with: Dronelab, QuestUAV, SkyBridge, Process Parameters and Heliguy

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    SkyTech 2016
    During our visit to UAV Conference and Exhibition in London we talked to a few companies about the products and services they offer. Here are what we think are some interesting solutions and trends that will probably dominate the drone industry in the following year. More information about each of the companies below: Cloud based platform for orthomosaics, easy to share and present generated maps. - DATAhawk is a fully autonomous superior mapping drone. - UniFly product, a drone management platform and enables a safe integration of drones in the existing ATM environment. - More info about Optris PI LightWeight Thermal Imager. - UK retailer of multirotor drones for business and leisure

    Most of these would apply to commercial operators, however often it's industry's needs that drives the development of consumer drones.

    DSC03510 (2).JPG DSC03489 (2).JPG DSC03502 (2).JPG

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