UAV power inspection market scale exceeds 5.8 billion

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    As we all know, the normal operation of the power system plays an irreplaceable role in the stable development of the national economy. Any problem in any link may cause a chain of accidents such as large-scale power outages, network collapse, and personal injury and death. The importance of power inspections is becoming increasingly prominent. In recent years, driven by the continuous integration and innovation of drone technology, iteration drive, the power inspection industry has gradually entered a new era of intelligence.

    Eye on the sky, open up new scenes in power operation and maintenance

    Because of China's vast territory, complex terrain, and changing weather conditions, and the ever-expanding scale of the power grid, the related daily operation, and maintenance work has become increasingly difficult. The traditional electric power inspection methods are mainly manual, with the disadvantages of high labor intensity, low work efficiency, high safety risks, high labor costs, and single detection methods. Under such circumstances, UAV power inspection with the characteristics of high flight control efficiency, high precision, and simple operation has become the most ideal means.

    Global According to GlobalData estimates: by 2020, the total mileage of transmission lines in China will increase from 1.15 million kilometers in 2014 to more than 1.59 million kilometers. At present, China's high-voltage transmission lines above 110kV are about 520,000 kilometers, calculated based on 30 inspections per year, 3,000 kilometers for single drone inspection, and more than 200,000 yuan per unit price; more than 5,000 drones are needed nationwide, corresponding The market space is about 1 billion yuan or more.

    Driven by the dual needs of market demand and policy support, the electric power inspection drone market has become the next blue ocean. Many famous companies have entered the game, showing an unstoppable trend. Products are the core, technology is the soul. Only mastering the core research and development technology and continuously innovating drone companies can create differentiation in the fierce market competition and eventually stand out.

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