Need help to find my first drone and goggles

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    Feb 28, 2019
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    I have no idea and never flew a drone before. Would like to buy a drone with goggles and the only brand I know android 9 (and suppose it's good) is DJI. free netflix However this drones with goggles cost ~1.2K which look kinda expensive.

    Can you give me your opinions about what should I go for? tech news Btw, how is the goggles FPV experience? Is it immersive? Difficult to use?
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    Mar 5, 2019
    DJI products are excellent but probably not the best if you are just learning to fly. Many of the people I know, including myself started out with a less expensive symax type of drone just purchased at a local target or walmart. Maybe $50 or so dollars.
    One issue here is that you will crash several times while you are learning. Once you have the general idea of orientation, then consider something a bit faster or with GPS abilities, etc.
    As far as FPV, these symax type of kits usually have a Wi-Fi camera built in to them. This means you can use you cell phone as a point of reference for video. The video is choppy because it is Wi-Fi instead of the true 5.8ghtz, but its a good starting point.
    Some people do find it easier learning the FPV way to fly. I found it easier using the line of site method.
    Hope this helps. Any questions, please respond back

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