Best FPV Goggles, Fat Shark, Boscam, Headplay etc?

Discussion in 'FPV Setups and Racing Drones' started by Dava, Nov 6, 2013.

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    Sep 3, 2013
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    I want to try fpv goggles. I'm leaning towards fat shark but nit sure what the difference is between the different ones, which is best? Dominator, Navigator or whatever. I'm also open to Boscam coz they do 2.4 and 5.8 and wouldn't mind hearing thoughts on headplay. Bear in mind I don't know too much about any of them, to me there just names I've read on other forums etc. cheers.
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    Headplays are just awful, not worth looking at. They come with a huge separate box with a battery in that you have to carry everywhere, and a stupid baseball cap sunshade type thing that the viewing screen eyepieces hang off, so you've got none of the fully immersed benefits of proper goggles and a sort of screen dangling in front of your face experience. They're designed for watching TV/Movies at home or on a plane in a chair. There are far better options.

    The Fatshark Attitudes are one of the newest and have a larger field of view than the Dominators. However I would get the Dominators though and you'll need something like this TX
    with a cloverleaf antenna pair for either end. I say this because you can by a Team Black Sheep Adapter module to gain the full spread of channels:

    Even though the Dominators have a narrow field of view than the Attitudes, their optics are glass instead of plastic so the image is much clearer and sharper.

    The Boscam Goggles are ok also, I was going to buy some - in fact I paid for them but they were out of stock so they refunded me. However there are some new ones which look even better: which have 32CH 5.8G Diversity (i.e. all the 5.8 channels) built in. The diversity means you attach two aerials to the goggles and they feed you the signal from whichever is stronger, you could attach a cloverleaf and a patch antenna or a helical antenna. See my FPV antenna guide. I'm very tempted by these.

    But wait, there's more! :)

    What I'm REALLY excited about is the new Fat Sharks that aren't out yet... which record footage as you use them and have the best video quality yet with built in upscaling for later tech. For me the recording is a massive bonus. It will make it much easier to find your multirotor or plane if you crash and it's great for making FPV videos with all your OSD data on the screen. Can't wait. :)

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