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    Have anyone seen this latest 4K mini drone from Vitus? I guess it is their answer to the dji mavic maybe?

    It weighs less than 1lb and has folding arms, legs and props and says it uses dual mode global position, which I guess means regular GPS and GLONASS like everything else these days?

    Info from Walkera website (some wording slightly silly):

    Bold innovation and numerous times of optimization
    give rise to the foldable design for Vitus, of which the
    aircraft arms, landing gear and propeller blades can all be
    folded. The folded dimensions of the aircraft is 233x114x93mm
    (length, width and height), which is equivalent to the size
    of a water bottle, and the aircraft only weighs 890g. Large
    and heavy backpacks and trolley cases will no longer be needed
    for aerial photography, all you have to do is putting Vitus in
    your bag and enjoy the beautiful scenes whenever and wherever

    4K high-definition camera
    The camera supports 4K/30fps videos and images
    of 12 megapixels. The 85° ultra-low-distortion
    wide-angle lens helps to keep the original
    details and makes your works more inspiring.
    4K 30fps
    1080P 60fps

    Mini-sized 3-axis gimbal
    We refuse to sacrifice performance for reduced
    size. Through innovative design, we have created
    a mini-sized 3-axis stabilization gimbal, which could
    effectively prevent images from shaking during the
    flight and receive smooth and steady aerial images.

    Three-directional obstacle avoidance
    Through infrared TOF technology and 3 high-precision
    sensors, the smart obstacle avoidance system of the aircraft is able to
    detect obstacles 5 meters away in 3 directions
    (front, left, right.) and slows down, preventing
    risks brought by misoperation and ensuring flight safety.

    Satellite + visual positioning
    The dual-module GPS/Glonass satellite positioning system
    is able to obtain satellite positioning signals accurately and
    quickly. This helps to create more accurate and stable hovering
    at fixed heights and points. In addition, there is also infrared
    sensor and optical flow camera equipped at the bottom of the
    airframe, which quickly takes 50 pictures per second for
    positioning, achieving precision hover even indoor or without
    satellite signals.

    1080P HD video transmission
    Through advanced digital video transmission technology, steady high-definition
    images can be transmitted at a great distance with low latency. The image quality
    for real-time preview is 1080P, which is an industry-leading feature.

    Powerful flight performance
    Four precisely-manufactured brushless motors bring highly efficient power output and powerful flight performance. When the 5200mAh
    high-capacity smart battery is fully charged, the maximum flight duration of the aircraft is 25 minutes.

    Hand-gesture selfie

    In Hand-gesture selfie mode, Vitus is able to recognize human
    hand movements and takes pictures. Drop your transmitter, make
    a pose and get a selfie.

    Smart follow
    Through algorithm technology of deep
    learning, objects can be automatically
    identified and followed. This will set
    your hands free, leading to wild
    imaginations for first-class movies.

    APP for aerial photography

    Walkera Drone, a professional ground station APP
    specially designed for aerial photography, is able
    to monitor flight attitude, position, heading and
    speed in real time. It includes smart functions like
    one-key take-off and landing, out-of-control course
    reversal, as well as flight path planning and POI flight.
    These amazing features all contribute to easy control
    of the aircraft. You could also preview, download,
    manage and share the collected image data on social
    network sites.

    Remote controller
    The DEVO-F8S remote controller has not only a mini size and comfortable hand feeling, but also combines the antenna with the mobile phone holder, making sure reliable signal and easy usage. In addition, the dual-thumbwheel design allows you to easily control the movement of the gimbal and operate the aircraft.

    AR games
    Vitus APP is able to provide players with racing and air battle games by combining augmented reality technology and adding virtual elements in outdoor flight scenarios, creating infinite joy and pleasure.
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    Thanks for posting Dava, I never knew about this one. I just posted about this on drone girl's blog. The AR games thing could get pretty huge I think, perhaps the next evolution of drone racing?

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