118 drones help ecological environment law enforcement

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    In the air, a delicate drone cruises with wings. On the ground, several uniformed environmental law enforcement officers stared intently at the console screen in their hands, and one by one the farmers' courtyards were displayed on the display screen. This is a scene of Shijiazhuang's ecological environment system "drone unit" in the rural areas of Shenzhen County to investigate the "smoke" of scattered coal.

    In September this year, in order to make up for the shortcomings of the lack of law enforcement personnel, the Shijiazhuang City Ecological Environment Bureau promoted the use of drones on a large scale and received positive responses from the county (city, district) branch bureaus. In just a few days, 118 drones were equipped to various grass-roots branches and became a weapon for environmental supervision.

    "There are hundreds of small and large enterprises in a township. The squadrons in the area compete against each other and can only inspect 10 or more a day." Shijiazhuang City Ecological Environment Bureau Shenze County Branch Supervision Squadron Captain Zhang Yuqiang said that once the drone is charged, it can fly continuously Two hours. The key areas are divided into grids, several drones are used intensively, coupled with human inspection on the ground, air and land combination, and mutual complementation, it is possible to quickly perform full coverage inspection on specific areas. With the help of drones, the efficiency of environmental law enforcement has been greatly improved.

    "Some companies have their doors locked after production stops. If you want to enter the factory for investigation, you have to contact the person in charge. Often you have to wait for half a day, and time is wasted." Zhang Yuqiang said, "With a drone, you don't need to open the factory. The gate can also check the dynamics of the plant at any time, which improves efficiency and is a deterrent to environmental lawbreakers who are lucky. "

    With the enforcement of the "bright sword" ecological environment of drones, all counties (cities, districts) have widely used drones to conduct aerial inspections of areas not covered by straw banned video surveillance and infrared alarm systems, and have achieved a ban with the banned surveillance system. Seamless connection, the establishment of a full-area, full-coverage rural poor-quality loose coal "smoke" three-dimensional monitoring system to provide strong support for winning the blue sky defense battle.

    In order to consolidate the results of law enforcement of the drone's ecological environment, Shijiazhuang City has also established and improved a full-chain working mechanism of "discovery, assignment, disposal, and feedback." The county (city, district) ecological environment department timely locks evidence on the "smoke" phenomenon of inferior loose coal found by drones, implements ledger management, sorts out and summarizes them daily, and presents them to local towns (streets) and responsibilities in the form of pictures The unit and the grid manager and grid staff assigned it, and feedback the disposal situation to eliminate pollution in time.

    In the next step, Shijiazhuang will continue to expand the application space of drones, and will be widely used in environmental supervision fields such as the atmosphere, water, and soil to help the continuous improvement of environmental quality.

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