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  1. Jonathan
  2. Jonathan
    If anyoine like the tshirt listed below from UK I can add it to amazon UK as well?
  3. Jonathan
  4. Jonathan
    Sorry the site was down a few days, I needed to redo everything but was traveling around the country so couldn't do it until I got back.
  5. Ragnarok
  6. Ragnarok
    Winged drone that flies l;ike an insect:
  7. Ragnarok
    Still waiting for some snow drone flying! Anyone got any snow yet?
    Learn about drones in Agriculture Northern Ireland,
    Drones in Agriculture put to work in Northern Ireland
    Drone Pilot Training Northern Ireland
  11. Ragnarok
    Winter Winter go away, come back... never, just go away.
  12. Visual Captain
    Visual Captain
    My Motto is: Whatever it takes to get the shot!
  13. Eva
    HRB Battery Dealer wanted. 6 to 12 pcs of batteries rewarded to people who introduce a seller, and the seller who build cooperation with us.
  14. Eva
    Looking for HRB lipo battery distributor worldwide.
  15. Ragnarok
    Ragnarok Eva
    Yes, one picture of a young woman with no real friends and no other real pictures of people! :D
    1. Eva
      Be careful next time.
      Dec 18, 2017
  16. Eva
  17. Ragnarok
    Ragnarok Eva
    Haha, why do all these little Chinese companies always put pretty girls on their profiles? Trying to make us believe you are a girls and not a man! :D
    1. Eva
      Thanks for saying I am pretty ,looks like you get fooled before?sorry to hear that.Trust or not ,this picture belongs to myself.
      Dec 7, 2017
  18. Eva
    Currently working for HRB lipo battery,shenzhen,China.
  19. DroneBeasting702
    Cyber Monday and Black are almost here. Where are the best deals at?? Would appreciate the help!!! :)
  20. Ragnarok
    Never saw this before, boo! :)

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