The drone turned into a fire extinguisher and staged "Motorish Rescue"

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    High-rise buildings are on fire, how to quickly fire and rescue? This worldwide problem is solved by the application of drones.

    A few days ago, the video released on the People’s Daily’s overseas social platform showed that Chinese-made drones are using high-efficiency fire-fighting equipment to quickly extinguish high-rise buildings.

    It can be seen from the video that the front end nozzle of the fire-fighting drone can be up to 4 meters long, which can not only solve the fire of the high-rise balcony, but also solve the indoor fire, basically achieving no dead-end fire.
    Since 2005, China has stipulated that more than 10 floors of residential buildings, more than 24 meters of other civil buildings are high-rise buildings, and buildings over 100 meters are super high-rise buildings.

    According to the incomplete statistics of the journal "Intelligent Buildings and Smart Cities", there are about 350,000 high-rise buildings in China, and there are more than 6,000 super high-rise buildings with a height of more than 100 meters.

    According to the Beijing Evening News, in the past 10 years, there have been more than 30,000 high-rise building fires in China, with more than 500 deaths and direct property losses of more than 1.5 billion yuan.

    High-rise buildings are often located in the prosperous areas of the city, with dense personnel, heavy traffic, narrow roads, and problems such as easy three-dimensional spread and difficulties in evacuating and escaping.

    Traditional fire-fighting equipment and fire-fighting and rescue means face difficulties such as "not enough, can't get in, can't be opened, and can't be played". It is difficult to carry out effective rescue in time, which may cause property damage and casualties.

    According to relevant information, the height of the high-class fire trucks equipped in China's mainstream is about 50-60m, and the spray height of firewater guns and water cannons is only about 50m, which is far from the super high-rise buildings.

    The application of industrial drones has played an effective role in fire fighting and rescue. They can shoot at multiple angles, transmit video images in time, and accurately monitor the real-time situation of the fire scene.
    Heavy-duty drones can also carry fire-extinguishing agents directly to the fire-fighting floor to carry out high-altitude fire fighting, which overcomes the difficulty of hard-to-reach fire trucks.

    At present, fire-fighting drones are mainly multi-rotor drones. Multi-rotor drones are low-cost and are widely used civilian models. It is a special helicopter with three or more rotor shafts, which rotates the motor on each shaft to drive the rotor to generate lift.

    The multi-rotor UAV has the advantages of maneuverability, vertical take-off and landing, air hovering, and in-situ revolving. It has no requirements for road traffic conditions and is suitable for operations in complex environments. They can quickly reach the scene of the fire in the event of traffic jams, saving time.

    Multi-rotor drones can also significantly increase rescue efficiency. Their theoretical flight height can reach several kilometers, regardless of site conditions or building height. They can be lifted off along the vertical plane of the high-rise building, quickly reach the fire floor, and hover at any height to quickly extinguish the fire.

    In addition, they also improve the accuracy of fire suppression. High-rise building-specific fire-fighting drones often use technologies such as intelligent flight control, mission planning, image recognition, and ballistic design. Ground commanders control drones to launch fire-fighting bombs or fire-extinguishing agents, which can quickly and accurately target fire areas. Fire in a point-to-point manner.

    As an industry-leading industrial drone manufacturer, MMC has achieved great results in the application development of the UAV industry. In the field of fire drones, the latest development of two UAVs for high-rise building fire extinguishing Fire-fighting equipment, APOLLO FB1 airborne broken window fire extinguisher, and APOLLOFE3 fire extinguisher, APOLLOFE3 carries dry powder with a net content of 3kg. It adopts an electronic quick-start triggering method to spray dry powder quickly and vertically, and the effective fire extinguishing range can reach 7m3.

    In addition to the development in the field of fire protection, MMC is also engaged in the development of the UAV industry in mapping, inspection, plant protection and other fields, and has multiple solutions for various industries.

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    I don't think that would work very well for all but the smallest fires.

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