Super offers from 22 to 27 August! the first are those who have more discount is available :)

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    Aug 16, 2016
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    Hello friends, I just found out about this promotion,
    If anyone was is thinking in to start in the world of drones,
    or upgrade to any new one, this may be a good opportunity.

    starting launched promotion in AUGOST the 22 @ 12: 00 PM UTC to 8:00 UTC @ AUG 27, :

    XK brand sale
    It is for a limited time !! .. so be forewarned if something interests you.

    The operation seems simple, the first will have a bigger discount !!


    this XK X251 worth more than $ 200 , as from August 22 (* 12: 00 PM UTC) if you are fast you take him by 69, $ 99 (the first 40)
    and so with all the other items during the 5 days duration of the promotion. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF!

    Link to the promo:

    a greeting
  2. _sOnGoKu_

    _sOnGoKu_ Member

    Aug 16, 2016
    Good morning! be aware that the party starts in an hour and a bit!
    Lucky for the first 40 :)
  3. ElaineSydaY

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    Sep 25, 2019
    Hi there, nice one AJ......cheers, have always thought that Demon Tweeks was kinda expensive, but due to the discount its now worth consideringCheers

    Tata and Ciao

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