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    At the moment for all my planes and small quadcopters I have Immersion RC 5.8GHz transmitters attached and use Fatshark goggles with built in 5.8 receiver. I have IBCrazy cloverleaf antennas that give better range than the standard dipoles that come with the equipment. I also have a Gopro Hero 3 with a new lead that charged the Gopro and send video at the same time, which I haven't tried yet. I have been using a little CCD FPV camera from .

    I also have an FY41AP Auto Pilot and OSD, all-in-one unit, that I use on planes and an old FY31AP as a backup.

    I have non-Immersion/airwave 5.8 transmitter on my hexacopter and use a monitor with built in diversity receiver for the video on the ground. This uses the DJI OSD MK II to go with the DJI Wookong M.

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