How big is the impact of 5G on drones?

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    Aerial photography, inspection, logistics, plant protection, surveying, security and other applications in the field of UAV industry, the line of sight remote control, image real-time cloud processing, high-definition video stream back to the ability to put forward higher requirements. As the latest generation of cellular mobile communication technology, 5G is also the best communication technology for building digital sky. What changes will it bring to the drone industry?

    Compared with 4G, 5G has obvious advantages in the communication coverage of networked UAVs. The new large-scale antenna array adopted by 5G can flexibly and automatically adjust the phase of the transmitted signals of each antenna to meet the regulatory requirements for low-altitude airspace within 500 meters. And the future flight demand of more than 120 meters of drones in the city's high-rise environment. In addition, 5G also has more advantages in remote fine control of drones, flight data security, and industry empowerment.

    Networked drones to promote efficient low-altitude economy

    Recently, the Dongguan Power Supply Bureau's substation operation professionally applied the “5G UAV+Programming Operation” pilot in China for the first time. It also marks that the Dongguan Power Supply Bureau's substation operation professional is the first in China to realize “5G UAV+Programming Operation”. ".

    Compared with the traditional air duty mode, the 110 kV line operation requires two on-duty personnel to operate together and takes an average of 30 minutes, while the 5G drone based on China Unicom's 5G communication channel is in its "high bandwidth, low latency". With the help of the advantages, the real-time HD video is transmitted back to the main control room, and with the program operation mode, it takes only 3 minutes, and no human intervention is required in the whole process.

    As the application of drone technology in various fields becomes more and more sophisticated, 5G is a new generation mobile communication technology with a peak rate of 20Gbps and a delay of 1 millisecond. These features are well suited to the needs of drone application scenarios. The construction of the Dongguan Unicom 5G Power Supply Bureau's patrol center has also explored a new path for the 5G integration into the power industry.

    It is understood that the drones used in the 5G UAV program operation power inspection of Dongguan Substation came from MMC's Notuzi X85 collapsible drone, combined with MMC's self-developed ground station control system. Go to the station and station LAN wired remote control and view images.
    At the same time, at the Beijing World Expo in 2019, which opened at the end of April, 8K HD video transmitted from 5G, 5G mobile communication and game experience, 5G light show, and 5G telemedicine, etc. The "nerve center" of the conference, 5G will form a "brain" with big data and artificial intelligence, and transform the world garden from the traditional garden art display stage into an organic combination of people, technology, nature, and culture. According to Guo Ziliang, deputy director of the Information Department of Beijing Shiyuan Bureau, drones, driverless, 8K HD video... In the 5G exhibition hall in the park, the audience will personally experience these most advanced application scenarios.

    "Technology changes the future", from smartphones, Internet +, to big data, cloud computing, 5G communication... We always feel that technological innovation provides convenience and fun for our lives and work. According to China Industrial Information Network, the number of consumer-class UAVs will reach 16 million in 2020. Under the 5G network, a network of tens of millions of UAVs will be formed globally, providing aerial photography and delivery 24 hours a day, 7 hours a day. A variety of personal and industry services, such as exploration, constitute a new and colorful "network of the sky."
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    Thanks for your share.
    In any case, 5G will bring new developments to drones, and other places should increase the application of drones in the future

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