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  1. UbiBird
    Developing the site as we speak
  2. Lars Bertelsen
    Lars Bertelsen Morten K
    Bor i Skanderborg, flyver UL og drone og forsøger at rode med 3D mapping. Her en Savannah UL og Mavic drone. Måske Vi kunne lave en eller anden form for samarbejde, det var godtnok en voldsom nøjagtighed du havde brug for. Kender personlig direktøren for, om det kunne have nogen hjælp. Vh. Lars
  3. muriel
    flying drone
  4. Paul Richards
    Paul Richards
    Over 45 years has a commercial photographer now teach and lecture in Photography and Post production. .
  5. Bachelor
    Today is a good day
  6. DoubleKK86
  7. rcbazaar
    RcBazaar is India’s largest and coolest hobby super store.
  8. Auto Flight
  9. Corey Braxton
    Corey Braxton
    Hi fellow drone lovers my name is Corey Braxton
  10. Corey Braxton
    Corey Braxton
    Love drones really liking the new hoverdrone360!!
  11. Corey Braxton
    Corey Braxton
    Hi everyone, my name is Corey I have a few years experience of flying drones, Latrax to 3DR ect. But the coolest so far is
  12. Process Parameters
    Process Parameters
    The relaunched Optris PI LightWeight mini PC and infrared camera for UAVs is the only fully radiometric flight thermography on the market!
  13. John
  14. Photoworx
    Photoworx Stephen Whitehead
    Hi Stephen. Thanks for the feedback
  15. Photoworx
    Photoworx Ragnarok
    Hello Ragnarok. Thanks foe the feedback.
  16. Rubik
    Hi all. I've been enjoying the videos from Drone Minds on YouTube. I intend to purchase a 4K camera drone soon for hobby. Suggestions?
  17. DukeM
    Just found the Follow function, thanks to Jack. :)
  18. Sara
    Sara Jack Hodgins
    Thanks so much Jack for joining the forum and supporting our community!
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    2. Jack Hodgins
      Jack Hodgins
      Your welcome remember to keep in touch
      Dec 9, 2015
  19. Jack Hodgins
    Jack Hodgins
    get in touch and follow me lol
  20. DukeM
    Oh, this is new...